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ClearPoint Offers more than Credit Score Solutions. All of our financial services are designed and tailored to help achieve financial goals for you and your family.

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ClearPoint Credit Score Solutions

Learn How You Rate

Before making your next credit purchase, find out your personal credit score and how to improve it. Lenders measure your credit risk by looking at your credit score. The higher your score, the greater chance you will have of acquiring a loan at a reasonable rate. By securing a lower rate, you will save in interest payments down the road.

Improving Your Credit Score

Credit Score Solutions can help you retrieve, review, and interpret your credit report, and then prepare you to improve your personal credit score.

A ClearPoint CDIA-certified Financial Specialist can:
  • Help you understand your score and show you how lenders view your credit history
  • Give you an analysis of how your score compares to other U.S. consumers with a credit history
  • Provide you with clear understanding of how your score is related to your credit report
  • Offer you a plan and specific tips on how to manage and improve your credit score
Our Standards For Performance
Don't trust just anyone with your credit and money management. By working with ClearPoint, you will receive guidance from an accredited agency staffed by CDIA- and NFCC-certified Financial Specialists. Learn more about Our Standards For Performance.
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