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ClearPoint Offers more than Credit Score Solutions. All of our financial services are designed and tailored to help achieve financial goals for you and your family.

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ClearPoint Credit Score Solutions

Step One

Call ClearPoint Financial Solutions at 800-377-6809 today to discuss your financial goals with an NFCC and CDIA-certified Financial Specialist and find out if Credit Score Solutions is right for you.

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Whether you are interested in buying a car, owning a home or improving insurance rates, we can help you to take the appropriate steps to increase your credit score.

During this session, you will receive basic educational information and tips on budgeting and saving money. The Financial Specialist will review your goals and explain how Credit Score Solutions will help you achieve them.

Step 2

After selecting Credit Report Solutions, your Financial Specialist will begin a work session to assist you to improve your credit and develop your Credit Report Solutions Action Plan.

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Your Financial Specialist will help you obtain your credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. Click here to find out how to get a free credit report online.

During the session, your Financial Specialist will work with you to:

  • Review and evaluate your current financial situation
  • Assess your personal financial objectives
  • Analyze and interpret your personal credit report
  • Determine financial priorities necessary to improve your credit score

Your Financial Specialist will accept credit card payments for our services by phone or internet.

Step 3

Start using your Credit Score Solutions Action Plan to improve your credit score.

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You can use your new Credit Score Solutions Action Plan instantly to increase your credit score! The Credit Score Solutions Action Plan will assist you in improving your creditworthiness and making your score more attractive to lenders, insurance companies and other agencies.

This Credit Score Solutions Action Plan is developed specifically for you as a roadmap to increase your credit score. Based on your preference, your Financial Specialist will send it to you via email or regular mail.

Step 4

Schedule follow-up visits with your Financial Specialist to review the progress you've made through your Credit Score Solutions Action Plan.

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Together, you and your Financial Specialist can schedule regular appointments to review the progress you have made using your Credit Report Solutions Action Plan. We will provide periodic sessions throughout the year to review your progress and a list of next steps to take. This is the right time to get answers to additional questions and make any necessary adjustments based on any changes in your circumstances. We'll help you stay focused on achieving your financial goals.

Follow-Up Visits

Like maintaining habits for healthy living, such as eating right and visiting the doctor annually, you should check your credit report regularly. As you see your credit status improve, schedule follow up sessions with your Financial Specialist to make sure you are always getting the most out of your efforts. When you join our monthly subscription service, we will help you maintain the integrity of your report. You will receive:
  • Periodic financial strategy reviews
  • Ongoing access to a personal Financial Specialist
  • Specific financial education to help refine goals

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